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Matyilem is a traditional Roma song, and the Gurt Lush arrangement is based on a 1995 recording by Ando Drom, a Roma/Gypsy music ensemble from Hungary. You can read a translation of the lyrics here.

Matyilem has not been nearly as widely covered as more famous Roma songs like Ederlezi or Zaspo Janko, but there is a 2003 studio recording by another Hungarian group, Romano Drom; there is also a solo vocal and guitar rendition by Melinalida, a singer and dancer from the Netherlands. Melinalida has a very extensive YouTube playlist which contains lots of Gypsy music.

And last but not least there is a duet by Sam and his erstwhile singing teacher, Muriel Girard, accompanied by Les Tziganes du Bocage, recorded a few years ago in Normandy.