...varies enormously from year to year, but as an example, at the time of writing, this year you would be entitled to participation in:

  • 29 standard rehearsals at each of the four branches. (You may attend as many branches as you like once you've signed up, no-one's counting. Mix & match however suits!)
  • Mass rehearsals on the days of the 2 major Colston Hall concerts. With orchestra when applicable. Sometimes additional mass rehearsals when necessary.
  • 2 Flagship Colston Hall Concerts. Typical audience 1000 to 1500. Always with other performers involved. Sometimes amateur, sometime professional. Sometimes with orchestra, and/or guest M.D. Guests as diverse as professional touring opera companies, families of Romany Gypsies, other choirs of all sizes & flavours, school orchestras & all sorts of local talent that we are proud to bring to the big stage under our wing, as it were.
  • Somewhere between 5 & 10 informal 'busking' events supporting such noble local initiatives as the Festival of Song, Making Sunday Special, Bristol Shakespeare Festival, Winter Wonder Zoo, (Carol Singing).
  • Random offers that we accept. Currently booked for this year are: Participating in an award winning cutting-edge contemporary theatre performance. Launching a Rugby League world cup match. Being the official choir of the Lord Mayor's Christmas Concert (Colston Hall). Closing the festival of song at St Georges, & doing a 'Sing-a-long-a-Lush' event (also at St Georges). Also assisting in a celebration of English folksong. (Colston Hall AGAIN!). That's 4 Colston Hall concerts this year.

It's clear that any interesting new project that comes to Bristol looking for a chorus tends to ask us first. Simply because we're the biggest & the most visible. :) Of course, you only do the events that you fancy/are available. We reckon that even if you only do half of them, it still represents amazing value for money!

Also, usually:

  • 2 or 3 mass rehearsals with a world-class pure vocal technique specialist. N.B. We have been finding it hard to find a space in the diary to book these!
  • All our major concerts professionally recorded & filmed by a 4 or 5 man camera crew. The footage is shared freely - just check out our YouTube channel. Every now & then we even give all of you a free 'Best Of' CD/DVD as a reward for being lush!
  • All of your sheet music/training recordings. (We do encourage you to download them & print them yourselves, or put mp3's on your phones/ipods, rather than take cd's, but for those of you who can't face that challenge, we're happy to hand you the physical goods too!)

That's all ;)