Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, all choir activites have been suspended until further notice :(
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Membership is £50 for one term or £90 for two, or £230 for the whole year, payable in a one-off payment at the start of term / year (or pro rata if you join mid-term). Concessionary rates (for those receiving pension credit, full-time students, incapacity allowance, job seekers allowance or income support) are £35 for one term or £65 for two, or £160 for the whole year. Membership is free to under 18s who come with an adult member. Each choir offers 3 free taster sessions before you have to start paying.

Rehearsal times and locations:

Contact adel@gurtlushchoir.com for further information (or just turn up!). If it's your first time come along 20 minutes early, and that'll give us a chance to make you welcome.